Celebrating the international launch of Cubiks Hire

It’s been an exciting month here at Cubiks. We officially launched Cubiks Hire, our brand new high volume recruitment solution. This innovative offering keeps sifting simple; delivering inspiring online assessments that keep candidates engaged and efficiently identify those most suited to a specific role.

28th April 2016

Laura Parrack

The Cubiks offices around the world held events to celebrate the launch of Cubiks Hire and discuss common preselection challenges with HR professionals from all industries. Here are some highlights from our international teams.

Cubiks Finland: Reetta Koskinen

“We had a wonderful morning talking about candidate experience and Cubiks Hire in a bistro restaurant by an old park in Helsinki city centre.

Jonna Sjövall, Country Manager for Universum Finland (an employer branding company) shared some insight into the latest trends in employer branding and candidate experience and I had the pleasure of then presenting our exciting new solution. The atmosphere was relaxed and communicative, which allowed the conversation to flow openly among attendees who all enjoyed discussing the key HR issues.”


Cubiks Netherlands: Derk Spronk

“We welcomed over 40 guests at the Metaal Kathedraal. In this inspiring place, we showed our clients the possibilities of Cubiks Hire by letting them experience Hire themselves.

The objective of the day was to select the ideal waiter/waitress from the crowd, by using live variants of the Cubiks Hire Module. This interactive approach got our delegates engaged and intrigued. Once they’d got an overview of Cubiks Hire, our guests could dig deeper during the ‘Cubiks Hire Market’, where our consultants were ready to answer all of their questions, while enjoying a drink.”  


Cubiks France: Marie Michel-Dansac

“On the morning of April 7th, 35 HR participants arrived at our Paris office to share their experiences and ideas around sourcing and sifting. We ran two workshops on the day, offering guests the chance to debate on some important topics. The first; how can HR search for and identify the profiles of the candidates they need? The second; What approach can recruiters take to source and sift their candidates?

Over breakfast, the Cubiks team introduced Cubiks Hire. We showed our attendees a short video about the solution and explained how recruiters can benefit from this approach.”


Cubiks Malaysia: Kit San Yong

“On 15th April we held a breakfast event on the theme of ‘Talent Management in challenging times’. Cubiks Partners Dimmy van Zanten and Arnaud Bouvet gave presentations on managing talent and talent acquisition, and there were also opportunities for delegates to interact through a self-discovery exercise and round table discussions.

HR professionals from the region’s major employers attended the event, making it a huge success through their enthusiastic contributions. Many of these participants were interested to hear more about Cubiks Hire and how it might help them tackle their diverse recruitment challenges.”

You can view more photos of our clients and friends enjoying the international launch events on the Cubiks Flickr page.

Cubiks Hire in the news

The Cubiks Hire launch also received some media coverage, you can follow the links below to read more. Please note, these links will take you outside of the Cubiks website.

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